Blue Cross Dental Individual & Family Plans
An Essential Part of Your Overall Health
Studies have shown that proper dental care affects far more than your teeth. In fact, gum disease, a condition that affects 47 percent of Americans today and 74 percent at some point during their lifetime1 has been linked to heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes.2

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota makes it easy to protect your oral health with a wide range of dental plan options.*
All Blue Cross Dental plans cover preventive dental care and commonly used services as part of your routine dental visit. Whether you chose Value, Preferred or Freedom, each Blue Cross Dental plan is designed to complement your health care package.
Value Plans
Emphasize preventive and diagnostic services with little to no copayment and offer discounts for benefits and services not covered when using an in-network provider. Value plans are a great choice for those who want the lowest-cost options.
Preferred Plan
Encourages the use of an in-network dentist to provide the greatest savings. The Preferred plan covers 80 percent of many common dental services with participating dentists and appeals to cost-conscious individuals seeking the most comprehensive plan.
Freedom Plan
Offers the broadest range of coverage and benefits. Itís an excellent choice for those looking for a traditional dental plan and benefits.

Plan Highlights
* Blue Cross Dental plans offer coverage for pediatric services; however, the pediatric dental coverage is not exchangecertified at the essential health benefit level outlined in the Affordable Care Act.
Members can cancel at any time with the cancellation being effective the first of the month following the notification.
The exception is cancellation due to death, which will be effective the date of death. Voluntary termination will result in having to satisfy a lockout period of three years before an individual is eligible to re-enroll.
1 University of Maryland Medical Center. Periodontal Disease.
2 National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research. Linkages with General Health.
Access a Broad Network
When you choose Blue Cross Dental, you have in-network access to dentists throughout Minnesota as well as the entire country. Blue Cross Dental plans utilize the United Concordia Advantage Plus 2.0 national network, which includes more than 105,000 dentists and 321,000 office locations nationwide.
Itís one of the largest dental networks in the nation and continues to grow.

Get Additional Discounts
Nine out of 10 dentists in the network provide discounts for services not covered under the plan.
Managing Your Account is Easy
Enrolling in a Blue Cross Dental plan is easy with a quick paper application. Once youíre a member, youíll enjoy:
  • Claims processed within 30 days
  • Discounts for benefits and services not covered under the plan when using an in-network provider
  • One carrier for both medical and dental coverage
  • Online access to your account
  • Ability to search online for participating dentists
  • Optional e-billing
  • Compatibility with health savings accounts (HSAs) or flexible spending accounts (FSAs)