Ask yourself. Do you really want to quit?

If you really want to quit, here is a plan which works.

Get your gear:
  • Cigaretttes. (Replenish as necessary.)
  • A note pad.
  • A pen or pencil.
Carry your gear everywhere you go. Document your smoking by listing each smoke, situation and satisfaction rating (1-10). (Situation Ė such as when watching TV, driving your vehicle, after a meal, with a drink or a cup of coffee, etal). This documentation gives you an overall picture of your smoking habits. Do you see now that this is no single habit? It is a lot of habits you call ďthe habit.Ē

You quit the same way you started Ė one cigarette, or one habit at a time. Select the habit you enjoy the least, based on the satisfaction rating you assigned to it. Start in by breaking that habit. Letís say itís the TV smoking habit. When the urge to light up strikes you can choose to defer satisfaction by waiting for a commercial or the end of the show, then by leaving the TV room and smoking, or by immediately leaving the room for a smoke. You do what you want to do. Itís your choice. Either way you win because you are breaking the TV smoking habit.

After breaking your first habit, move to the next one. Letís say itís the smoking in your car habit. The same routine applies. You can defer satisfaction by waiting until you reach your destination, or you can pull over to the roadside, exit you car and smoke right now. Do what you want to do. Either way itís another habit you have broken because you are no longer smoking in your car.

At first you will probably not really decrease your tobacco consumption because most of us compensate a lost smoke by doubling up on smokes where the situation still allows.

But, donít think the plan isnít working. You can see that as you move from one habit to the next, breaking each one as you go, eventually you run out of situations you associate smoking with. Finally, you get down to those 2 or three daily cigarettes you really enjoy. Because you have also beaten so many habits your confidence level is increased. You feel better physically and mentally. You know you can go all the way. You will find giving up those last few really good cigarettes is pretty easy.

Urges to smoke will come to you the rest of your life. But, you will find they are fleeting, passing quickly.

If you have been helped by this plan please forward our web site to another smoker.